How infant care centers support your child’s social development

Infant care learning is not limited to books and toys but go beyond these. Here, the children first learn how to work in a group and start interacting with others. As a result, they start to understand others and realize that every individual is unique in his or her own way, and they learn to handle interactions more sensibly. Here are some key ways infant care builds your child’s social skills:

Building bonds: We become less selfish as we grow older. Children start sharing toys, wait for their turn in a group activity, and show concern for others as they start spending time with others. However, they need the guidance and encouragement to do so and that’s where infant care centers play a vital role in a child’s social development.

Self-awareness: When they spend time with other children, they identify the distinctive qualities in others and in themselves as well. They realize they too have special qualities and that develops their self-esteem. Infant care centers in Singapore help children understand other cultures, which is essential in a multi-cultural society, and in the process they develop a sense of their own cultural identity as well.

Manage tasks independently: At infant care centers, children learn how to play with toys themselves and learn new things everyday without the help of anyone. The process of learning helps them understand they would make mistakes as they learn, which motivates them to perform every task with a lot of enthusiasm. There are many independent activities that instill the belief in them that they can handle tasks themselves.

Emotional development: Infant care centers in Singapore develop emotional aspects in children and they learn to handle anger, sorrow, and distress that they may experience while they play. They often need the intervention of teachers and staff members to regulate their emotional response to a situation. At infant care centers, they also learn to evaluate the choices they make and understand how those choices affect others in a positive or negative way.

Social development is a gradual process and need to be addressed in a systematic way. Social development in children at an early age is necessary for their emotional and psychosocial growth. Children can comprehend their feelings but often fail to regulate them and that’s where infant care centers play a key role because they have teachers and staff members who are trained to deal with various aspects of a child’s social growth.

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How Preschools Are Helping Students Prepare For In-Demand Careers

Getting into a good job requires problem solving skills and a thirst for knowledge. One of the ways that can be achieved is by children developing their cognitive skills from an early age. Singapore has invested heavily in its education system because the government feels that a successful education is the key to economic and social stability. For this reason, many preschools in Singapore have been established to help develop a child’s learning and cognitive skills before they even start formal schooling. The country is bang on target because the success of any country depends on the success of its citizens. And the success of any individual is determined by the kind of education he/she has undergone.

The best time for a child’s development is before they turn 8. Children who undergo early education have shown to exhibit better social, emotional and mental responsiveness than their peers.

Why is early education so important?

Research has shown that to succeed in life, early education is necessary. It is the time when the brain is undergoing rapid development. In children, the brain is like a sponge and it gathers a vast amount of data when it is still young. Learning at this stage helps a child create a solid foundation for solving bigger problems in life. Research has also shown that most people who succeed have gone through at least some kind of learning process before they started kindergarten.

Academic achievement is one of the outcomes of early education, but there are greater benefits too. Children who go through early education can adjust easily with others on a social and emotional level. It also makes them intelligent and smart.

It promotes language and cognitive skills

Preschools in Singapore create an environment where children mix with different children from different backgrounds. It is the first time that children stay at a place that is not familiar to them. The entire experience can be hard for some at first, but once they get used to it, they become more and more open to the new surroundings. It creates a sort of social awareness in them.

Preschools mainly teach children through games and play. They learn basic things like the alphabet and identifying numbers. The learning process helps children develop important language skills that are very important for future success. It also builds cognitive skills that make them think more.

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Playgroups – a necessity to make your child smarter

Child Development

The stage of childhood, between the ages of two to five, popularly known as the preschool stage, is the time when the child undergoes maximum development. These years are the formative years of the child and development happens at the physical, cognitive, motor, linguistic and intellectual level. There is an all-round development. At the physical level, the child grows tall very fast. Emotionally, the child learns to handle their emotions own their own. Cognitive developments happen with the child beginning to think logically. Motor developments like kicking and walking also happen at this stage. Lingual developments happen as the child learns new words and increases his/her vocabulary.

The growth and development of a child is heavily influenced by the experience the child has in his or her early childhood. Thus, proper care during this stage is very important. In countries like Singapore where parents go out to work and children spend a lot of time in playgroups, these playgroups play a very important role in shaping the child’s overall development. Some of the best playgroups in Singapore hire trained caregivers who give proper care to the children. They also offer programs that cover all aspects of the child’s growth and development.

Benefits of playgroup

Research has proven that there is no difference in the kind of growth that the child going to a playgroup has from the child taken care of at home. However, for this similar kind of growth to happen, the caregivers in these playgroups should always show a positive and considerate attitude towards the children. This will help the children grow up to be better and happier human beings. The lingual and cognitive growth of the child is also greatly influenced by the language used by the caregiver.

There are licensed playgroups in Singapore that meet certain standards. These usually provide better care than the ones that do not meet a certain standard. These playgroups help the child become smarter by learning to adapt to change, developing self-confidence, learning the value of sharing and most importantly, learning to make a niche for one’s self in an environment away from home.

Thus the time the child spends in the playgroup and the interactions that the child has with his or her playmates and caregivers determines the growth of the child.

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Qualities of a good playgroup teacher

A playgroup teacher plays an important role in the future of a child. It is very necessary that the childcare educator should do his job seriously. Otherwise, it can affect the development of a child. You must be able to identify the qualities of a good preschool teacher when you go visit different preschools. Here you will find the common qualities possessed by a well experienced playgroup teacher.


There is no doubt that great patience is required for handling young children. The little self-control and short attention span can make the kids boisterous. The teachers in playgroups in Singapore pay attention to each child and control the noise created by kids in a gentle manner.


A good childcare educator is always prepared to face and meet new challenges. She also remains flexible in unexpected situations. She will use flexibility to make every day happy for the children as well as herself.


The preschool teacher should respect the uniqueness and individuality of each child. The teacher should not force any child into adapting to another style. She can also make the classroom decorated with many colorful images representing cultural and traditional values.


The well-experienced teachers have creative minds and know very well how to make the environment of the classroom more joyful. She will design material in such a way that kids will have a lot of fun while learning the alphabet, counting or any other thing. She will also think differently when it comes to handling the students.


A lot of enthusiasm is needed in delivering lessons to the children on a daily basis. She should be energetic throughout the day. A great sense of humor will help her in dealing with any situation in an effective way. When you laugh with the kids, it will also make the class lively.

Communication skills:-

The playgroup teacher must have excellent communication skills. She should be able to communicate with parents of the child telling them about his behavior, achievements and problems. The teacher must converse with the principal and other teachers also on a daily basis.


A good nursery school teacher always speaks politely with the child as well his parents. She also listens to the worries of the parents and tries to solve it. She answers the questions of the child in a polite manner. In this way, the child feels connected with the teacher and does not get fearful.


A true early childhood educator teaches the kids with great dedication. She makes special efforts for improving life of the children. She acquires deep knowledge of various topics. She is also committed to life-long learning and exploring the latest research related to preschool education.


It is also one of the most important factors that a playgroup teacher should take care of. The play area should be neat and clean. If it is not clean then the teacher should ask the sweeper to clean it immediately otherwise it can affect the health of kids and they can also slip over it.

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Tips for selection of Day Care Centre for Your Child

Whether you are interested to send your little kid to family day care, a formal centre for child care or in a home care arrangement; in all these cases, there are a few important things that you must think twice about. It is a challenging decision for parents to find the best child care centre for their children but some tips from child care centres in Singapore can help you make the best decision:


Whenever you visit to any potential site, try to observe the interactions that staff members have for children over there. In ideal cases, a caregiver is supposed to be on the floor for talking, playing and loving little kids and they must share an interactive relationship. All older babies as well as infants must get one to one care from these caretakers; experts suggest having at least one adult to 3 babies.

Ask for job commitment:

Little kids always need predictable and consistent care; it helps them to develop a secure and interactive relationship with caregivers. In case you are looking for any in-home type caregiver, it becomes important to ask them for at least one year of job commitment so that your child can develop a healthy relation with that person for a longer time. On the other side, if you are thinking about a centre then it would be better to check the experiences of the caregivers over there.

Always check their policies:

Try to find out whether experts of care centres share good parenting policies or are following/rigid routines. They must have a disciplined schedule for television hours, feeding, sleeping etc so that babies can get home-like treatment. Check their way of treating sick children and children with special needs; on the same grounds, ensure that the centre has a backup for caregivers if one gets sick.

Drop your child off but check regularly:

According to experts of child care centres in Singapore, it is important to choose a child care centre after referrals from your near and dear ones because trusted resources are always useful for proper care of your growing child. Ensure that the environment at the care centre stays clean, well stocked, and full of books and toys with active TV connection and food facilities. Try to pop into the centre after sending your kid to their care so that you can ensure your baby is being treated right; this sudden check often works like an eye-opener.

Never hesitate to change:

In case if it is not working fine for your child or he/she is not getting the required attention and care at your recently chosen centre, then there is no need to hesitate about a change. It is a matter of child care and the overall growth of your little baby depends on the surrounding environment; ensure that it is healthy. Otherwise, look for another option in time without settling for hard to accept situations happening in front of you.

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Best Ideas to Plan a Picnic for Kids

Planning for a picnic with kids is one of the best ways to have a refreshing holiday with the family. It is always good to have fun with kids outdoors and it will work as the best escape idea from routine busy schedule. While planning for a picnic with kids, one needs to think about so many important factors; although one can simply pack some lunch in a box and go to a park with kids to eat it on the grass, that will not be the special type of picnic for kids every time. If you want to make this day more special then here are a few tips:

First of all you need to think about the selection of a picnic spot where your kids will find space to play and enjoy themselves without restrictions. The best idea is to decide on a venue that brings your kids much closer to nature. Some preferable spots can be a beach area, local parks or the nature centre of your city. Ensure that the space chosen by you is kid-friendly and allows kids to play comfortably around you.

There are lots of things that you need to carry to the picnic spot but the most important ones are picnic food items. Pack some toddler friendly food items so that your little child can feel excited about it. Some suggestions from Chinese kindergarten experts include: brownies, cookies, yogurt recipes, pasta salad, hummus, ranch, crackers, cheese, sandwiches and fruit kebabs, etc.

To keep kids busy playing activities, you need to decide some games for them. However, have food first so that once your child starts playing, you need not to disturb him again and again. Ensure that the picnic spot has a playground and some trails too. If you are going to a simple park then it is good to pack some favourite toys of your little kid like football, cars, dolls and other playground accessories. Sometimes kids will also love to fly kites or play with bubbles.

While planning for your picnic, never forget to calculate the overall expenses as they must be within your budget. It is not compulsory to choose a picnic spot with special arrangements. Instead, have a nature-inspired location where your little kid can feel happy.

Never forget to take your camera with you as a picnic with family can lead to so many wonderful memories that you will definitely love to capture in the form of photographs or videos. Enjoy time while having some of the best family photographs as they will make your kids happy when they grow up.

Parents can also plan a surprise picnic for their kids to make them feel special and the best time for this is the day after their exams. It will be a relaxing change for them with all fun oriented activities; a picnic at an outdoor location is always refreshing and memorable.

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Insider Tips On Where To Get The Best Bak Chor Mee Singapore

Bak chor mee is one of the most preferred meals in numerous areas across the globe. Fortunately or unfortunately, chefs have all kinds of recipes that they use. Because of the increasing demand for healthy meals, there will be great importance in ensuring that you find experts whose values force them to ensure that each plate they prepare is not only delicious but also very healthy. When searching for outstanding experts who can prepare the best bak chor mee Singapore is home to a decent number of top rated restaurants.

Competent experts will put your taste buds to the test. They will also ensure that each bite you take leaves you with a deep yearning to take another bite. The divine scent of their freshly prepared meals will send an inviting aroma that goes for miles. You owe it to yourself to find this kind of professionals within your area.

Knowing the values of prospective professionals is always important. A simple way to go about this is to do an online research and find the websites of restaurants that interest you. Get to know something about their values and also about the professional history of their top chefs. You could just learn something that could highlight what makes one restaurant better than another.

Food critics do a good job in rating and ranking various eateries. Finding their blogs and articles could put you a step closer to identifying experts who could serve divine meals that are fit for kings. Do your homework and see to it that each coin you spend on your bak chor mee would count.

The majorities of people can talk about food for hours. In this respect, it would be a brilliant idea for you to search for the client reviews of restaurants that have your interest. What other clients say about the menus, the table presentation, the ambiance and even the customer service could enable you to make an informed choice.

A good restaurant would give you much more than you can get while preparing your own meals at home. In this regards, you should understand that ingredients are not the only thing that make good food and a worthwhile dining experience. You need to trend carefully, especially if you want to impress someone, perhaps a loved one or a work associate. Making all rounded considerations could guarantee you of making the best choice possible and finding a restaurant that you could visit over and over again for years.

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